Maiwand Kabob in Fulton, MD

Maiwand Kabob, Maple Lawn, Fulton

I moved to Maryland because I got a job with Northrop Grumman by BWI Airport. I still remember the first time I want to a Maiwand Kabob up in Linthicum because the food was so good.

Growing up on Long Island in the 1980’s and 90’s, we didn’t have any Afghan cuisine. It took until I moved to Maryland for me to finally discover it and I loved it.

Maiwand Kabob is a local “chain” with six locations, all of which are in Howard County. I’d been to the BWI/Baltimore location many times when I worked for Northrop and now our “home base” is the Maple Lawn location on Westside Blvd.

Back when we would go for lunch, literally the only “knock” against the experience was that it took a while (it was probably only 15 minutes, but I was an impatient kid!) for your food to be made. Considering they made each order fresh, this is a tradeoff I am always willing to make.

I was ecstatic when we learned a Maiwand Kabob was going to open up right around the corner in Maple Lawn.

Check the Daily Specials

I always like to peek at the daily specials, which are the same each day of the week, because I really enjoy their curries. The lamb (Monday) and chicken (Tuesday) curry are both very rich and delicious.

I’ve yet to order on Thursday (Do Piaza, boneless lamb) or Friday (Lamb Curry with onions, peppers, vinegar and spices) but one of these days I’ll make an effort to.

Our Favorites

Chicken and Kofka Kabob

My favorite entrée is the chicken and lamb kabobs. They always do a good job of cooking the proteins so that they’re tender and juicy, never overcooked. It comes on a bed of rice and a vinegary side salad.

Chicken and Lamb Kabob

If you enjoy lamb chops, the lamb chop platter is quite good too.

Lamb Chop Platter

My wife and son love the Aushak, which are scallion and beef dumplings drowning in a garlic yogurt sauce with lentils. They always get a side of samosas too, which are smallish triangular pastries filled with potatoes, peas and other spices.

Aushak – but this picture doesn’t do it justice
Samosas – so crispy!

If you’re in the mood for a gyro, you can go with the Gyro itself but the Gyro Salad platter gets you all the goodies on a bed of greens.

We typically order takeout, though they have a pretty large dining room that’s similar in style to the fast casual look of a Chipotle. Lots of tables in an open room, very spacious.

Naan – so soft, so gooooooood

Lastly, we always get extra naan (the kids inhale it). The naan is really good – the edges are puffy and soft but the middle is flat, if that makes sense. It’s very good dipped in tzaziki.

Also, when we feel generous, we get the hummus too. Our kids would eat this by the spoonful if we let them. 😂




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