Konstantine’s Greek Taverna in Highland

We’re having a really strange Spring season here in Maryland in 2023. It went from freezing cold to 85 degree days in what felt like a week.

On one of those rare mild 65-degree days, we opted to visit Konstantine’s – a Greek restaurant located in Highland. It’s been a while since we’ve come to Konstantine’s, not for any particular reason related to the restaurant itself, and it seems to have held up nicely.

Konstantine’s has a covered back patio that’s great for a beautiful day. There aren’t a lot of great outdoor dining options in Howard County that don’t overlook a parking lot. This back patio is right next to the parking lot but you barely notice it with well-positioned landscaping.

Here’s the view:

If you care to play some cornhole, there’s a nice little set up back there next to some additional seating in a small retention pond.

For lunch, I got the Yero in Pita (Gyro) and my lovely wife got their Greek Quiche.

Both were quite good. My Yero was tasty with meat that was well cooked. The risk sometimes with gyro meat is that it can become dry if the place isn’t busy, no such problems with this one. It was great.

The only knock on Konstantine’s is that they’re right next to a landscaping company. From time to time you’ll hear the sounds of trucks loading up mulch or other landscaping material if you’re there during the day. I imagine you can’t hear it inside and you won’t hear it around dinner-time. It didn’t bother us in the slightest but worth mentioning.

If you’re in the mood for some tasty Greek food, Konstantine’s is a solid option!




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