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Ananda Farm & Restaurant featured on MPT’s Maryland Farm & Harvest

Ananda Restaurant is one of our favorite restaurants and I did not know about Ananda Farm! We’ve been fans of Ananda since they opened and it was fun to learn about Ananda Farm being just half a mile away from the restaurant.

They were recently featured on MPT’s Maryland Farm & Harvest show, episode 1009 (Season 10, Episode 9):

It was great to learn about their farming roots and how they were able to buy a farm so close to the restaurant.

For apps, their meat samosas are massive and filled with well spiced meat filling. And don’t miss the Gobinda (roasted cauliflower), it’s very tasty if you like a sweet and tangy bite of cauliflower (a bit on the sweet side for me but still so good).

Our favorite dishes at Ananda are Lamb Vindaloo, their garlic naan, and Mutter Paneer (though it’s not on the menu, they can still make it!). The chicken biryani has massive chunks of chicken in it and is a fan favorite in our household.

I enjoyed learning about their history and glad to see that Ananda is doing well!




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