Yummy Chewy Mochi Mochi Donuts in The Common Kitchen, Clarksville

On a blustery windy day in early March, we visited Clarksville Commons to check out their Farmer’s Market Preview event. There were about twenty vendors selling all manner of items from meals to booze to fresh vegetables and mushrooms. It was still a little chilly and windy and with four kids in tow, we bought a loaf of rosemary bread and ducked into Common Kitchen itself.

Very windy!

My wife and I come to Common Kitchen often, usually a few times a month for lunch. Today, it was just me and the kids and it was only like 10:30… so most of the food places were still getting setup.

We walked around and stopped at Mochi Mochi, which sells mochi donuts. It’s in the back right of the commons, across from the coffeeshop.

You cannot walk by this display with kids and NOT get donuts. That’d be cruel! 😂

Before today, I didn’t know about mochi donuts. Mochi donuts are not like typical donuts. They’re a bit chewier, more akin to the gummier texture of traditional mochi, and not nearly as “cakey” or oily as traditional donuts.

We picked up six donuts (buy five get one free!):

  • Oreo (top left)
  • Strawberry (top middle)
  • Chocolate (top right)
  • Pineapple (bottom left)
  • Iced Coffee (bottom middle)
  • Churro (bottom right)

These were amazing and I’m not normally a fan of donuts. I find that many donuts are far too sweet but I was a big fan of these.

Our oldest thought the pineapple donut was a lot like the pineapple Dole whips at Disney. The iced coffee tasted just like iced coffee down to the richness of cream in coffee. Our kids love churros (we are big fans of the folks who make churros at the Olney Farmer’s Market) and they preferred the mochi version as it was less oily.

All in all, I was impressed and I really liked how the flavors were on point without smacking you over the head with sugar.

The donuts are not cheap but they’re worth it.

Mochi Mochi has three locations in total – Clarksville, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.





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