Namit Filipino Barbecue Food Truck

Howard County Eats is one of my favorite Facebook groups because it helps me find new places to eat, especially when it comes to food trucks. There are quite a few food trucks operating in the region but I haven’t found a great way to discover them. They tend to move around, naturally, and so Facebook is usually the best place to look.

It was through that group that I first learned about Namit Filipino Barbecue and, like many other food trucks, they post their schedule on their Facebook page but as an image!

Fortunately this week, they were located nearby on Columbia Gateway Drive (we live closer to Maple Lawn) and we were able to swing by.


The food looks amazing in their photos and were even better in real life.

First, here’s the menu (taken September 2023) posted on the truck:

We got the Lumpia sampler, which is six pieces (two of each type), and they were crunch and full of flavor. They come in a fry box so they don’t steam and get soft, a nice touch:

Here they are all laid out in their full glory:

We couldn’t help ourselves and had to get three entrees because leftovers are never a bad thing!

First, the 2 BBQ Skewers meal, chicken & pork:

The sauce on the skewers is a little sweet bbq that was fantastic. The garlic rice side tasted great, there isn’t any pieces of garlic in it, it’s just flavored gently with garlic. The green papaya relish side is very refreshing and the cucumber were crisp.

Next up, the Lecon Sisig:

This was good but a little on the rich side, which is to be expected because it’s deep fried crispy pork belly, right? It was very good, the pork skin was extra crispy, but I think next time we might go with the Lechon Chicharron with larger pieces of pork.

Finally, we have the Chicken Inasal:

If you’re familiar with the size of these takeout containers, you’ll recognize just how massive this quarter of chicken really is. It’s enormous. The flavor is also amazing, with the citrus and garlic really shining through (and works well with the rice).

The meals are not cheap, with entrees ranging from $16 to $19, but you get so much protein that the prices seems more than fair to me.

Operationally, they’re quite efficient. When we visited, they were parked outside of a decently large office park area (Columbia Gateway) and the building was hosting a small conference. We were fortunate to get in just about when the conference let out for lunch, so we were in the mix and our food was ready in about 10-15 minutes.

We will definitely be keeping an on eye on their schedule!





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