My Favorite Sandwich – London Broil at Bon Fresco, Columbia

I still remember when Bon Fresco first opened up in Columbia. I’m not usually a sandwich guy but when there’s crusty bread involved, my knees get weak.

When they first opened up, we still lived in Columbia by the East Columbia Library. A local sandwich shop around the corner by the post office? I had to check it out.

And for years, we would go and my last fifty (at least) sandwiches from Bon Fresco were the London Broil sandwich. They didn’t have it at first, it was a late addition so much so that initially it was just on a placard on the register.

I’ve never asked if they make their bread fresh everyday only because I didn’t need to. There’s sacks of flour in the back, rolls sitting on racks in the back, and the bread tasted fresher than any roll I’d ever had. I could eat it by itself.

Here’s what the London Broil looks like:

The angle doesn’t really do it justice in terms of thickness (also, I may have pressed down on the bread a bit in my excitement), but it’s roast beef, provolone, greens, onions, and a mayonnaise then oven toasted. Sometimes the onions are diced red onions (my favorite) and sometimes it’s regular white onions, both are good.

I sometimes will get their soups but given how hot it was today, I passed. Instead, I went for a side of lentils. My wife got the same sandwich (for years, she was a pollo fanatic but she’s since come around!) with a side of cous cous.

If you haven’t yet been, go. They have four locations now – the Columbia spot, but also Annapolis Junction, Rockville and Baltimore.

They also have desserts if you’re in the mood for chocolate croissants or other goodies. Check out their menu too because they have way more than London Broils if roast beef is not your thing.





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