Homemade Everything at Lime & Salt Taco Bar in Columbia, MD

After a quick stop at Costco, we were looking for some “new” places to check out and stumbled onto Lime & Salt Taco Bar.

As we pulled in, I realized it is in the same shopping center as Pub Dog, a place we used to visit from time to time when we lived in Columbia by the East Columbia Library.

It’s also the same shopping center that had a gas line explosion about four years ago. BGE was hit with a $400,000 fine as a result!

Lime & Salt Taco Bar is not a large restaurant but what it lacks in size it makes up with character. When you walk in, there’s a small bar on the right. To the left, an area where they make their own corn tortillas. Then, you get the dining area.

My lovely wife got a Traditional Margarita that she loved. It’s made with fresh ingredients, no mixes, and she said it tasted great. She allergic to artificial citrus so this was right up her alley.

We shared a guacamole appetizer, which came with what had to be homemade tortilla chips. The guacamole was delicious.

It came with more chips and more guacamole (and topped with tomatoes) but I forgot to take a photo before we started eating it!

The menu was pretty extensive, with a lot of selections, with a Happy Hour that runs basically noon until 6 PM every single day.

I had three tacos, the Cochinita Pibil Taco, Barbacoa de borrego Taco, and the Suadero Taco. All were delicious but the Chochinita Pibil Taco was lights out – the pork had a sweetness that was accentuated by the orange.

The homemade corn tortillas were fantastic, not like what you’d get from some other places where it’s thin, rips easily, and they have to stack them in pairs because they’ll fall apart.

My wife had the Carnitas Taco, Chicharron Taco, and the Huevo Y Chorizo Taco. Those were great as well though she felt the sauce may have been a little bit on the heavy side.

The hallmark of Lime & Salt is how much of their stuff is homemade and it shows. There are a lot of great taco places in Howard County, we’ve been to several of them, and they are able to hold their own.

You won’t find some of the more “exotic” street tacos, like lengua, but if you want well-designed, well-made street tacos with fresh homemade ingredients, Lime & Salt is worth a visit.





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